As the Advanced range of Osmometers hold their calibration for a long time the notes below may help to make operation more efficient.

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To Calibrate or not to Calibrate

With the long term stability of the analysers re-calibration may not always be necessary.

In clinical applications the analysis of a control (290mOsm Clinitrol) will normally confirm that calibration is good.

Running a calibration at a regular interval will not make the instrument perform better.

It is preferable to monitor the performance with known values.

So if assurance of calibration is required the Low and High standards can each be run (as normal tests) to check and results logged.

This takes one third of the time than if you press the “Calibrate” button but will verify that all is correct.

Of course if these values are outside what is expected then a repeatability check and re-calibration will need to follow.