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Whether you need insight into process development, patient health, or product quality, Advanced Instruments osmometers deliver unmatched quality, performance, and reliability.

Our easy-to-use instruments are thoughtfully optimized for biotech, clinical and food & beverage labs, and readily fit into any workflow and include a range of connectivity options.

We’ll help you determine the right model for your needs – no matter which model you choose, you’ll get the speed and precision of freezing point technology – the gold standard osmolality measurement method – from the osmometer manufacturer you can count on for all of your osmolality needs.

Choose the right Advanced Instruments
Osmometer for your needs

All models support

Pharmacopeia testing guidelines.

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Being discontinued Dec. 31, 2020

Workflow Features
Best for labs with daily sample processing needs of:>10/day>10/day>10/day>10/day>10/day
Sample volume100 µL30 µL20 µL20 µL250 µL
Sample introductionAutomated liquid handling sample cupSample cupOne-step directOne-step directSample cup
Operating range (mOsm/kg H2O)0 – 4,000 mOsm/kg H2O0 – 2,000 mOsm/kg H2O0 – 4,200 mOsm/kg H2O0 – 2,000 mOsm/kg H2O0 – 4,000 mOsm/kg H2O
Test time (seconds)18090Less than 150 in low range, Less than 180 in high range90120
Compliance Support Features
Supports 21 CFR part 11 & EU Annex 11 compliance
Supports Pharmacopeia testing guidelines compliance
Instrument Features
Integrated barcode scanner1
On-board printer


Multi-language touchscreen display
Username & password compatibility
Multi-sample capacity
Automated cleaning between samples
Automated sample pipetting
Temperature control methodDry cooling (No heat transfer fluid)Dry cooling (No heat transfer fluid)Dry cooling (No heat transfer fluid)Dry cooling (No heat transfer fluid)Heat-transfer fluid
Data Management
Webserver for remote data viewing
OPC-UA, Network share
Database backup
DTE RS-232, Barcode port
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All models support
  • HIPAA, CAP and CLIA compliance.

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Workflow Features
Best for labs with daily sample processing needs of:>10/day>10/day1-10/day
Sample volume100 µL20 µL20 µL
Sample introductionAutomated liquid handling sample cupSample cupOne-step direct
Operating range (mOsm/kg H2O)0 – 4,0000 – 2,0000 – 2,000
Test time (seconds)1809090
Compliance Support Features
Supports CAP & CLIA compliance
Supports HIPAA compliance
Instrument Features
Integrated barcode scanner
On-board printer
Multi-language touchscreen display
User name & password compatibility
Multi-sample capacity
Automated cleaning between samples
Automated sample pipetting
Temperature control methodDry cooling
(No heat-transfer fluid)
Dry cooling
(No heat-transfer fluid)
Dry cooling
(No heat-transfer fluid)
Data Management Features
LIS Connectivity
Part #A2OOsmoPROOsmo1
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  1. Sold separately
  2. Printer (dot-matrix) sold separately

“The instrument has been reliable and accurate. Advanced Instruments customer service and tech support is outstanding…one of the best vendors I deal with.”

“Great instrument with easy operation. Product is worth it. It is super easy to use and gives consistent results.”

“We would never go back to the older models of osmometers after using this one. This is a great instrument with very reliable results.”

Explore All Osmometer Models

All Advanced Instruments Osmometers are backed by our knowledgeable and responsive support teams. Whether you need help choosing the right osmometer, have a question about a specific osmometer, or need support for your current osmometer, you can reach out for help at our Contact Us page.

OsmoTECH® PRO Multi-sample Micro-osmometer

Keep your bioprocess development and biologics manufacturing workflows on track and at the desired levels of quality, purity, and yield with a multi-sample osmometer optimized for busy biotech labs.

OsmoTECH® XT Single-sample Micro-osmometer

Increase your productivity and reliability with powerful freezing point depression technology for osmolality measurement with the all-new OsmoTECH XT single-sample osmometer.

OsmoTECH® Single-sample Micro-osmometer

Designed for biotech labs that want the advantages of osmolality measurement and either work with slightly viscous samples or don’t need multi-sample throughput, this easy-to-use direct-draw micro-osmometer will deliver the reliable data you need to ensure quality and stay productive.

A₂O® Advanced Automated Osmometer

Achieve the highest levels of productivity with this fully automated multi-sample osmometer. A2O combines a functional design, exceptional analytical performance, and easy to use. It is ideally suited for today’s busy laboratories, which are being asked to achieve more results faster – yet with fewer resources.

OsmoPRO® Multi-sample Micro-osmometer

Easily analyze multiple patient samples with this reliable micro-osmometer that delivers industry-leading performance. Handling up to 20-samples at a time, the OsmoPRO keeps clinical chemistry labs productive while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Osmo1® Single-sample Micro-osmometer

Optimized for clinical chemistry labs processing 10 or fewer samples per day, the Osmo1 combines ease-of-use with accurate and precise osmolality measurement for efficient analysis of patient samples, with features that support regulatory compliance.

3250 Single-Sample Osmometer

Easily obtain accurate and precise osmolality measurements from 200-250 µL of sample with the 3250 Single-Sample Osmometer. Great for biotech and pharma labs that need to monitor processes and ensure quality and yield.

Freezing Point Osmometers

All Advanced® Osmometers use the industry-preferred freezing point depression method to determine the osmolality of an aqueous-based solution.

Learn how freezing-point depression can be used to measure osmolality in this video.

What is an Osmometer?

Osmometers are used to measure the osmolality of aqueous samples. The freezing point depression method is the most commonly used method in laboratories around the world. Because this technology is very precise and accurate, users find that it provides a rapid and reliable means of determining sample osmolality.

What is Freezing Point Depression?

The freezing point of a liquid (a solvent) is depressed when another compound is added, meaning that a solution has a lower freezing point than a pure solvent. Evaluating the freezing point depression of a sample can accurately measure the presence of all osmotically active substances in the sample.

How can clinicians benefit from using osmometers?

Clinicians can make more timely diagnoses and institute more appropriate patient care, which can translate to decreased health-care costs for medical institutions of any size, in any setting.

Osmolality is a valuable clinical tool used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. It is a quick and effective test to help evaluate the body’s water balance or its ability to produce and concentrate urine, to investigate low sodium levels (hyponatremia), to detect the presence of toxins in the body, and to monitor osmotically active drug therapies such as mannitol, which is used to treat cerebral edema. This test is also ordered to help monitor the effectiveness of a treatment for a condition found to be adversely affecting a person’s osmolality.

How can osmometers help scientists and researchers?

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers and researchers can benefit from routine osmolality testing, no matter where they fit into the development or production process. As a key parameter, this test provides control and offers more confidence in the process. Such control also lends to products of optimal titer, yield, quality and purity.

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