Fluorophos Reagents, Controls & Calibrators

Product Type: Standards & Controls

The Advanced Instruments Fluorophos products are standards and laboratory supplies specifically designed for use with Advanced Instruments FLM200 Fluorophos ALP System.


Fluorophos Reagents

  • Specifically assayed for use the FLM200 system
  • Long shelf life and 225 tests per kit
  • Assures accurate and repeatable results with every test

Cheese Buffer

  • Allows extraction of sample from all types of cheese
  • Long shelf life
  • Assures no residual ALP from outside sources


  • Three level calibration
  • Assures stable and reliable results

Daily Instrument Control

  • Assures consistent results from the FLM200
  • Monitors instrument drift
  • Allows for fast correction of any instrument issues
  • Confirms if calibration is required

PhosphaCheck® Pasteurization Controls

  • Allow you to monitor the precision of your assay
  • Eliminate uncertainty in the lab
  • Monitor the precision of your lab pasteurization test
  • Specifically designed to satisfy all QC and HACCP requirements
  • Use to meet local regulatory procedure requirements
  • Provide consistent repeatable results with three levels positive, negative and normal

Products & Supplies

ALP Pasteurization Testing Controls

FLA005 Fluorophos Cheese Buffer
FLA224 ALP 225-Test Kit/No Cuvettes
FLA225 ALP 225-Test Kit/With Cuvettes
FLA250 ALP Three Calibrator Set
FLA260 Phosphacheck Milk ALP Controls
FLA280 ALP Daily Instrument Control


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