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ESR Testing Analysers

Optimise your haematology lab operations and deliver accurate ESR results quickly. Our ESR testing analysers offer easy-to-use interfaces, data management and full-automation options.

The Starrsed line of ESR analysers utilizes the Westergren Sedimentation Method – the gold standard for ESR testing – with full automation options available for the busiest labs who require results at scale.

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Starrsed RS Fully Automated ESR Analyser

The Starrsed RS performs ESR measurements fully unattended, and works with standard blood cell counter racks, making it easy to integrate into your lab. The world’s only ESR large-scale test instrument that is fully in accordance with the Westergren Method.

Starrsed ST ESR Analyser

If your lab performs several erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) tests and wants to automate the process, then Starrsed ST is the obvious solution, all in a small footprint.