Clinitrol 290 Reference Solution

Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution is intended for in vitro diagnostic use in evaluating the performance of your osmometer. Clinitrol is a true instrument reference solution and provides results that approximate the osmolality of normal human serum. Use Clinitrol to verify system calibration and as a daily system check to strengthen your laboratory’s quality control program.



Clinitrol is formulated at 290 mOsm/ kg H2O and has the tightest manufacturing tolerances of any commercially available osmometer reference solution

Quality guaranteed

Clinitrol is manufactured to stringent NIST and ISO 9000 quality systems standards

Easy to use

Clinitrol reference solution is premixed and ready to use and comes in convenient 2ml and 5 ml ampules. Can be used on any osmometer

Monitor osmometer performance

Laboratories using Clinitrol consistently meet or exceed method performance parameters and improve quality of test results

Improve your quality control

In addition to checking system performance, Clinitrol can assist with monitoring operator-to-operator technique variability to ensure a more robust quality program

Products & Supplies

Osmometer Calibration Standards and Reference Solutions

3LA029 Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution, 10x5 mL Ampules
3MA029 Clinitrol 290 Reference Solution, 10x2 mL Ampules


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