Built expressly for biotech. This multi-sample osmometer is packed with tech and data management features that support compliance and streamline workflow efficiency.

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Advanced Instruments provides a wide range of calibration standards, controls, and reference solutions designed specifically for osmolality testing in order to ensure robust quality control and confidence in your bioprocess.

Clinitrol 290 Reference Solution

Clinitrol is a true instrument reference solution and provides results that approximate the osmolality of normal human serum. Use Clinitrol to verify system calibration and as a daily system check to strengthen your laboratory’s quality control program.

Calibration Standards for Osmometers

A wide range of Advanced Instruments Calibration Standards are available and designed to accurately calibrate our full line of Advanced® osmometers. Specific calibration levels are designated for each instrument. In addition, the calibration standards can be used to check the performance of your osmometer and test methods.

Osmolality Linearity Set

The Osmolality Linearity Set is designed to help laboratories easily monitor osmometer performance specifications for verifying the reportable range of a laboratory method. The package contains two sets of 5 mL ampules with assigned values of 100, 500, 900, 1500, and 2000 mOsm/kg H2O.