Built expressly for biotech. This multi-sample osmometer is packed with tech and data management features that support compliance and streamline workflow efficiency.

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At Advanced Instruments, we’re committed to providing the best technology for effective and rapid growth of microbial cultures. Understanding that customized oxygen conditions are necessary to culture bacteria, our Anoxomat III uses a unique jar system to create such environments efficiently. Anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic environments can be achieved within minutes. The sleek design of the Anoxomat III takes into consideration the need to optimize workspace and resources in the microbiology lab.

Anoxomat® III

The Anoxomat anerobic jar system ensures repeatable anaerobic and microaerophilic environments and quality of growth to eliminate contamination, allowing testing facilities to realize cost savings, increased productivity and improved workflow.

Palladox Disposable Sachet

The new single use Palladox® disposable sachet is designed specifically to work with the Anoxomat System. The easy-to-use, single-use catalyst will simplify your anaerobic sample testing by minimizing catalyst handling time. This product is the perfect solution to improve workflow efficiency, eliminate downtime and simplify anaerobic testing.

Ergonomic Jars

Our new Ergonomic jars, provide flexibility and ease-of-use for lab techs, while maximizing incubator and laboratory space.

Standard Jars

Anoxomat Standard jars are available in a variety of sizes.

Anoxomat Mark II

With its high precision and ensured reproducibility, The Advanced Anoxomat enables microbiologists to draw accurate, confident conclusions. The system is designed to fit easily into today’s space-crunched laboratories, with a footprint no larger than a desktop printer, and can connect to as many as four of Anoxomat’s anaerobic jars.