Built expressly for biotech. This multi-sample osmometer is packed with tech and data management features that support compliance and streamline workflow efficiency.

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Osmometers for Biotech

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing involves many complex operational steps.  Ensuring that the manufacturing process consistently produces a biopharmaceutical product of predetermined yield, purity, and quality is of utmost importance. Leveraging on our expertise in osmolality testing, Advanced Instruments has developed a portfolio of advanced osmometers to suit the unique needs of the biotech industry.

It’s easy to select the best osmometer for your laboratory needs.

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Standards & Controls

Advanced Instruments provides a wide range of calibration standards, controls, and reference solutions designed specifically for osmolality testing in order to ensure robust quality control and confidence in your bioprocess.

Microbiology Anaerobic Jar Systems

At Advanced Instruments, we’re committed to providing the best technology for effective and rapid growth of microbial cultures. Understanding that customized oxygen conditions are necessary to culture bacteria, our Anoxomat III uses a unique jar system to create such environments efficiently. Anaerobic, microaerophilic and capnophilic environments can be achieved within minutes. The sleek design of the Anoxomat III takes into consideration the need to optimize workspace and resources in the microbiology lab.