4C3 Multi-Sample Cryoscope

Product Type: Cryoscopes

The Model 4C3 Multi-sample cryoscope is no longer for sale. Information is for reference only.

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Products & Supplies

Supplies and Accessories

3DA811 Heat Transfer Fluid, 1x150 mL
330016 Bar Code Scanner
4C3050 Set of Sample Cassettes, 1-5
4C3060 Set of Sample Cassettes, 6-10
4C3070 Set of Sample Cassettes, 11-15
FLA835 Thermal Printer Paper, 5 rolls

Controls / Calibrators Aqueous Ampules

3LA022 422 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Bottle 110mL View
3LA023 422 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Ampule 10mL View
3LA027 Lactrol 530 Reference Solution, Bottle 110mL View
3LA030 Lactrol 530 Reference Solution, Ampule 10mL View
3LA032 621 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Bottle 110mL View
3LA033 621 Cryoscope Calibration Standard, Ampule 10mL View


3C2840 Probe Wipers, 100/box
3LA823 Sample Tube- Glass 2.0 mL
4C3840 Sponge Probe Wiper Replacement Kit


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Base Freezing Point Values of Untainted Goat, Sheep, and Water Buffalo MilkDownload (pdf)
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Influence of Raw Milk Quality on Fluid Milk Shelf LifeRequest
The Effect of Bronopol on the Freezing Point and Impedance of Milk SamplesDownload (pdf)
The Effects of Raw Milk Storage Conditions on Freezing Point, pH, and ImpedanceDownload (pdf)
The Physical Chemistry, Theory and Technique of Freezing Point DeterminationsDownload (pdf)